Everyday Godincidences

Today when I got in my car to go to noon Mass, it wouldn’t start. I was blessed the neighbor was available to give me a jump. After I left Mass, I decided to go get the battery checked as I had an issue with it yesterday. At first, I went to Advance Auto Parts, but the price was more than I thought it would be so I thought I would price-check at the Walmart close by. Unfortunately, their department was closed down for renovation. I returned to my car and prayed as to whether I should just go back to Advance or go check Auto Zone. I felt led to Auto Zone, but headed to Advance Auto Parts. I continued to pray and Jesus was like go to Auto Zone. Really? “Yes.” So, I did. I ended up buying the battery there and when they were swapping it out they couldn’t get it unscrewed because of the amount of the corrosion on the terminals. However, the guy parking next to me was a mobile car mechanic. He took the tools from the employee and the mechanic fixed it right then and there. Sometime God knows what’s best…

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